Wentworth Women’s Travel to Nationals

Wentworth Women’s Travel to Nationals
Places 3rd at the NSCRO Nationals in Cherry Hill NJ

  This past weekend, the Wentworth Women’s Rugby Team traveled down to Cherry Hill, NJ to compete at the Division 3 National level.  After receiving the number 1 seat because NERFU won it last year, Wentworth would take on Carleton College from Minnesota.  Based off the wins and losses of the weekend, the ladies would also get to compete against St. Bonaventure Univ.

Saturday November 19,2011
WIT 22 – Carleton College 29
Woman of the Match- Cathy Ordile #12 

After a good night’s rest and good breakfast, we headed to the pitch for check in.  Watching the first game definitely started to get us ready mentally for the game at 1:00pm.  Both teams started this match not knowing what to expect from their opponents, but after about 12 minutes, the WIT ladies realized they could totally contend and compete with Carleton College.  WIT was the first to score, moving the ball wide and getting it out to their backs, allowing Claudette Bosman to score the opening try with help from some great ball movement and support.  Shortly thereafter, Carleton College woke up too and scored two tries just before the half, making it 10 to 5 Carleton at halftime.

Still full of excitement and energy, the Wentworth ladies weren’t done.  You could feel it in our half time chat.  Granted, we knew we were down, but we also definitely knew we could come back from the score on the board.  Due to a lucky breakaway, Carleton College scored within the first 4 minutes of the second half.  Stepping up their game, the Wentworth ladies made Carleton work for the next two tries, and then responded with a try by our scrum half, Christine DiBiase.  Using her direction to our forwards and backs, she finally capitalized on picking the ball and going:  She scored the try right after a forwards crash, then a quick pick after the ruck.  Elyse Bogacz, our number 4 and Christine’s fellow captain, converted the kick to make the score WIT 12 – Carleton 29.

You could tell, actually feel it on the sideline, that each and every lady on the pitch didn’t think twice about letting up.  Score didn’t affect them at all…  That really showed with only 6 minutes in the game: the ladies found that extra bit of heart that everyone could see!  Carleton College thought they were done and could coast to the end of the game.  Well, boy that’s a mistake when you play against my ladies.  WIT attacked from all angles; forwards, backs, forwards, backs and then passing the ball out wide and looping.  It was like everything we ever worked on came together.  With plenty of team work, Cathy Ordile would end up scoring our next 2 tries.  With only minutes left in the game, the score was WIT 22 – Carleton 29.  And not to steal a quote from Vince Lombardi, but “We didn’t lose the game; we just ran out of time.”

Anyone and everyone who watched this game could tell you, these ladies played with a lot of heart, never giving up, never surrendering, and just leaving it all on the field.  My parents even made it down for Nationals this past Saturday, and even they could see how well these ladies played this game.  “Your girls are the best!  When other teams would have thrown in the towel, your girls fought even harder, never giving up.” – Coach’s Mom

Even though we lost, we didn’t feel like we had,  so we geared ourselves up to compete for 3rd place on Sunday.  We headed back to the hotel, mended up injuries and iced, some of us did homework, and most relaxed.  President Sarah Brunelle and I had previously decided to surprise the team for whatever game we had to play on Sunday.  As a morale booster, and quite honestly because we couldn’t keep it quiet anymore, Sarah and I presented the team with our new jerseys at dinner that evening!

Saturday November 20,2011
WIT 19- St. Bonaventure 17
Woman of the Match – Claudette Bosman #13 

Stepping onto the pitch Sunday morning at 9:30am, you could feel the confidence the players had.  Looking good in our new jerseys and fired up to take home 3rd place, we started off this game with Cathy Ordile scoring the first try, and also converting the kick.  Reading the way St. Bonaventure plays their defense, we capitalized on crashing our forwards and breaking through several tackles at a time.  Attacking this way, Wentworth was able to draw players in and then break the ball out wide.  Then we scored another try, with a great run by Elyse Bogacz.

We started a couple of new players this game and we saw some exciting plays.  Amanda Petruzzo, Alex DeMasi, and Brittany Pietruszka are all exciting new young players who stepped up to the challenge, and look quite promising for the future.  Brittany definitely surprised us all with some amazing runs in this game.

We kind of thought we had the game, and let up a little in the first half.  St. Bonaventure capitalized on that to make the score at half time St. Bonaventure 12 –WIT 14.  Not winded and ready to go, both teams came out into the second half fired up.  St. Bonaventure would be first to attack and scored a try 5 minutes into the half.  WIT tackled and rucked some great rugby!  Throughout, I believe both teams we confused at some of the referees calls;  even the other coach didn’t agree with some of the calls against us.  Despite that, WIT continued with what seems to be their tradition of never letting up.  With 12 minutes to go in the game, Cathy Ordile scored again, but we missed the conversion, making the score WIT 19 – St. Bonaventure 17.  Wentworth continued to attack and drive down until the very end, and St. Bonaventure would come back fighting as well… Some great rugby was played towards the end of this game until Wentworth kicked the ball into touch after penalty to end the match.

Placing first in New England and then placing 3rd at Nationals this weekend was definitely a great end to an amazing Fall Season of rugby.  It is also a great feeling to have only lost to the team that ended up winning Nationals (on Sunday, Carleton College won the Division 3 NSCRO Nationals against Lock Haven).  These players built off one another all season, and I saw many people grow and bond with many new friends.  I am proud of each and every one of these ladies…  These wins didn’t just come from the 23 man roster we had for nationals, but from all 35 ladies on the team.   All our players pushed their teammates in practices and games, and supported one another like a team should.  As a coach, you try and get everyone on the pitch and give them playing time, and I am finally glad I have so many contenders for a starting line or first sub.  It makes my job hard, but at the same time, makes everyone push for that starting spot.  I really look forward to our up and coming rookies and vets for future seasons.  They all helped get these seniors and all their teammates where we are today.

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