Wentworth Women vs. Boston Women’s B-Side

Due to a forfeit by Trinity, saturday afternoon saw Wentworth face off against Boston Women’s B-Side in an unofficial scrimmage.  WIT won the coin toss and captains chose to receive the first kickoff.  Wentworth scored one try, by outside center Brittany Pietruszka, and the difficult conversion was barely missed by new kicker, Jessica Milroy. By the final whistle, this try left Wentworth with 5 points against Boston Women’s 95.  Needless to say, Boston Women’s is a fantastic team, and WIT was thankful for the opportunity to learn from them so early in the season, and get brand new recruits into the game.

We’ll be taking everything we learned this weekend into our first official conference match of the season at Bridgewater this Saturday, kickoff tba.

While we regret that this week’s game ended in forfeit, and hope that Trinity will find a way to continue their season, this weekend left us with a 1-0 record for the season.

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