End of Season Banquet and Awards Ceremony

Last night was WIT Women’s Rugby’s annual banquet, held this year at Simmons College. The team arrived in semi-formal attire (a big change from the usual practice clothes) with potluck dinner, and though only a few were given official awards, no one on the team left empty handed.

The team also voted in next year’s Executive Board members. All are excited to learn their positions if they haven’t served previously, and to serve for the upcoming year.

See a slideshow of photos from the banquet below! (mouse over to pause or skip)

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This year’s award winners were incredibly happy to receive their awards and the accompanying recognition.

Flanker Cari Shetrone received the Coach’s Award, a huge (and well deserved) compliment for a third season veteran who has given her all to the team both on and off the field.

New scrumhalf Maria “White Maria” Hackett got her opportunity to shine this year, stepping up to the challenge of starting every game, and in a new position.  She exceeded all expectations, ending the season as our Most Valuable Player.

Our most veteran player on the team and formerly our Most Improved Forward, Allie “Chuck” Copeland (second-row), saw her experience and hard work pay off this year as our Most Valuable Forward.

Inside center Amanda “Sweet Amanda” Petruzzo, our Most Valuable Back, proved herself time and time again this Fall to  be one of our most reliable players on the field.

Fullback Alex DeMasi, Leopard of the Year, accepted her award and went right back to making sure the banquet was a success, so I guess I deserved that one (thanks a lot, guys).

Rookie flanker Maddy Holland won the team’s hearts (if she hadn’t already) when she was announced Cub of the Year and burst into tears of joy and surprise.

Jess Milroy, veteran player but new eight-man, became a new high scorer on our team this year after moving from lock, and was our Most Improved Forward.

Annie Yonker, first season rookie wing, was our Most Improved Back.  She was happy, she said, “that people actually even think I’m good.”

Leti Santa, former forward who became outside center this year after our usual #13’s season ended abruptly due to injury, was our Rookie of the Year.  Leti scored countless conversion and penalty kicks, and made all the difference in some close games.

Jamie “Whale” Robinson, veteran back, was our 16th Player.  If not starting, Whale is our go-to first sub for the back line, nearly always running touch while waiting to be put in.  We rely on Whale for a lot, and there’s no more deserving 16th player.

Congratulations on your awards to all those who won, and keep up the good work for our spring season!

Congrats as well to the new Executive Board. Those who have not already served will learn their positions from their predecessors in the coming spring season. The 2014/15 EBoard is as follows:

Kiera Brighton, President (WIT)
Cari Shetrone, Vice President (Emmanuel)
Leti Santa, Secretary, (MCPHS)
Alex DeMasi, Social Chair (MassArt)
Jamie Robinson, Recruiting Chair (Simmons)
Jess Milroy, Treasurer (WIT)
Annie Yonker, Match Secretary (WIT)

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