Player Awards

At the end of every fall season, the team votes on the recipients of yearly awards for the most deserving players. These awards and their past recipients are listed below.

Leopard of the Year
The leopard of the year most embodies what it means to be a Wentworth Rugby player. This player doesn’t have to be the best player on the pitch, but they are someone who truly does everything in the best interest of the team. The leopard of the year is a true leader on and off the field, who is the best representative for the team as a whole.

Our Leopards of the Year:
2010 – Karen “Willy” Goudreau
2011 – Karen “Willy” Goudreau & Christine “Snack Pack” DiBiase
2012 – Marie Genova
2013 – Alexandra DeMasi
2014 – Alexandra DeMasi & Carissa Shetrone

Most Valuable Player
The MVP is the teammate we would never want to play without in a game. Whether they’ve played every Saturday of the season, or we’ve felt the sting of losing them to injury, the MVP is someone who lead by example on the pitch and was always at the play to get the job done.

Our MVPs:
2010 – Laura Sau
2011 – Cathy Ordile
2012 – Brittany Pietruszka
2013 – Maria “Whitey” Hackett
2014 – Kelsea Miller

Most Valuable Forward, Most Valuable Back
Very much like the MVP award, these awards are specifically geared towards forwards and backs. They go to players who were vital to their half of the team, always doing their job and going above and beyond to make plays and carry the team through the game. These awards can be given to players other than the MVP, especially as the MVP is an overall excellent player, while the Most Valuable Backs and Forwards excel at their specific positions on the field.

Our Most Valuable Forwards:
2010 – Elizbeth Nugent
2011 – Elyse Bogacz
2012 – Marie Genova

2013 – Allie “Chuck” Copeland
2014 – Carissa Shetrone

Our Most Valuable Backs:
2010 – Cathy Ordile
2011 – Lia “Chia” Arnzen
2012 – Claudette Bosman
2013 – “Sweet Amanda” Petruzzo
2014 – Alexandra DeMasi

16th Player Award
The 16th player doesn’t always show up in the starting fifteen, but she is a player you can always depend on. At least, and usually more, versatile than the starters, she can and will play any position needed. She is a leader at practice, on the sideline and on the field, an amazing athlete and your first sub in any game. This is one of our most prestigious awards.

Our 16th Players:
2010 – Jillian Ruddock
2011 – Heidi “Sparkles” Hansen
2012 – Emily “Spork” Lampert
2013 – Jamie “Whale” Robinson
2014 – Madison Holland

Rookie of the Year
This award goes to the rookie who you think performed the best over the course of the season. She picked up the game quickly and either is, or is well on her way to being, an incredible player.

Our Rookies of the Year:
2010 – Kaden Stearns
2011 – Martina Benassi
2012 – Jessica Milroy
2013 – Leti Santa
2014 – Savannah “Guinea” Hotaling

Most Improved Backs and Forwards
These are two players who showed an incredible amount of progress and growth throughout the year. The recipient may or may not be a superstar on the team, and they need not necessarily have been bad players to start; with these awards, what’s most important isn’t where you are at the end of the year, it’s how far you’ve come from the beginning.

Our Most Improved Backs:
2010 – Rachael Heller
2011 – Laura “Moose” Lavalle
2012 – Luisa McKenna
2013 – “Orphan” Annie Yonker
2014 – Maria “Gigs” Giraldo

Our Most Improved Forwards:
2010 – Liz “Keg” Steele
2011 – Allie “Chuck” Copeland
2012 – Jillian “Lumber” Huntress
2013 – Jessica Milroy
2014 –  Brianna “Glow Worm” Lee

Cub of the Year
The cub of the year and leopard of the year awards are very similar, but the cub award is voted on only by veterans for the rookie of their choice. This rookie went above and beyond in their rookie duties, was always helpful, always respectful, and always devoted to the team. Unlike rookie of the year, this isn’t awarded to the best player, but to the rookie with the best attitude, who is an excellent example to her peers.

Our Cubs of the Year:
2010 – Jillian Ruddock
2011 – Alexandra DeMasi
2012 – Dani Boucher
2013 – Madison Holland
2014 – Anne Harney

Coach’s Award
Sometimes, there are players who don’t win the above awards, but either receive such a significant number of votes/are brought to attention by another teammate, or are so recognized for what they bring to the team by the coach, that the coach gives them an an award of their own.

Our Coach’s Award Recipients:
2010 –
2011 –
2012 – Alexandra DeMasi & Heidi “Sparkles” Hansen
2013 – Carissa Shetrone
2014 – Leti Santa

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